1887 LA Choke - Full

Rhino Revolver 2" Kydex Convertible Holster

1911-22 Magazine, 10 Round

Rhino Revolver Red Fiber Front Sight

1861 Springfield Bayonet

Bayonet features a 17-1/2" blade and is 20-1/2" overall length. It is marked "U.S." with a bright silver finish. The 1861 bayonet fits the 1861...

Little Badger Pistol Grip & Cleaning Kit

Basic pistol grip that includes a cleaning kit and additional room for storage. This could be useful for additional rounds or other survival tools.

Rhino Conversion Kit DA

Sold only to FFL owners. This kit will allow your dealer to convert a Single Action Rhino (SAR) to a Standard Single/Double action revolver.

1892 Standard Lever (Color Case)

Little Badger Pistol Grip kit

Little Badger Pistol Grip kit