Action Gun Laser Training System

Action Gun Laser Training Systems has dry-fire and simulated firearm training systems that are designed specifically for law enforcement and tactical applications. Action Gun Laser Training Systems are a cost effective alternative for firearms training that easily meets the budgetary restraints of small departments and agencies without sacrificing the quality of training. Now you can train any time, anywhere with a variety of targets and training aids. We have training programs that provide multi-directional dry-fire practice virtually anywhere. Action Gun Laser Training Systems are infinitely expandable to meet your specific training needs.

Action Gun Laser offers a complete line of multidirectional, 3-D, and reactionary targets that make it possible to establish training scenarios virtually anywhere! From close range First-Shot combat drills and beyond, Action Gun Laser will get you on target...FAST!

Force on Force training has never been more realistic! Now you can safely engage in training with your own sidearm, or utilize any of our specialty non-gun training weapons.