Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I need Warranty Repair or Service?

Click on this link to start the Warranty Repair process, a Return Authorization number must be assigned prior to sending ANY Chiappa product to the appropriate Warranty Service center. Once the Warranty Repair Return Authorization number is assigned, you will be contacted by email with the information for shipping your Chiappa product for warranty repair.

For non warranty repair and custom shop options, contact the Chiappa Firearms Service center.

Can I get a refund for my Chiappa product?

Chiappa Firearms does not offer any refunds for products sold through the normal distribution network. Should there ever be an issue where a refund is deemed necessary, please contact the dealer or distributor where the product was purchased. This does not apply to web based sales from the Chiappa Firearms Online Store.

Can I purchase directly from Chiappa Firearms?

Chiappa Firearms facilities in the USA are closed to the public. Our products are available from our distributors & wholesalers, please contact your nearest dealer and ask for the available Chiappa line. We do offer accessories and closeout specials at the Chiappa Firearms Online Store.

What is Chiappalloy?

Read about it here!

WHERE CAN I BUY THE Chiappa 1911-22?

Contact your dealer and ask for the 1911-22 and all other variations which are distributed in the USA thru major distributors or by:

Ph: 937-835-5000

Where can I buy extra 1911-22 magazines?

Extra magazines are available for direct purchase from the Chiappa online store.

How can I improve the 1911-22 trigger pull?

All 1911-22 models manufactured after February 1, 2011 have the new "all steel" hammer / sear assemblies which have greatly improved the performance of the 1911-22. Additionally, all Target / Tactical models feature a trigger with adjustable over-travel that enhances the release even more. Any of the earlier 1911-22s can be upgraded to the new trigger group.

How much is the 1886?

The 1886 Lever action rifle version 26" 45/70 is now available for sale in US. The MSRP is around 1500.00$ for the standard model.

Will an 1886 Carbine be available?

During 2011 a carbine version 22" round barrel will be available and also 444Marlin caliber version.

Is there a pistol grip stock option?

No pistol grip will be made for the first year.

Is the 1886 "Black powder cartridge" only?

No, the 1886 is constructed using modern steels & technology and is rated for any ammunition meeting SAAMI or CIP specifications for that particular caliber.

Who are the 1886 distributors?

The distributors for 1886 will be:

Legacy Sports International
4750 Longley Lane, Suite 208
Reno, NV 89502
Ph: 775-828-0555
Fax: 775-828-0565

Cimarron Firearms Co. Inc.
105 Winding Oak Road
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
(830) 997-9090

Taylor's & Co., Inc.
304 Lenoir Drive
Winchester, VA 22603
Phone: 540-722-2017
Fax: 540-722-2018

The M4-22 upper was designed to be a cost effective option when shooting AR-15 style rifles. The concept is not a new one. The M261 .22 LR conversion as well as the Atchisson .22 conversion was developed for military use years ago and has been used very effectively for training applications. There have been many variations of these popular designs by numerous companies, with the Atchisson conversion design being the one most commonly modified or adapted to.

The drop-in conversions were not without fault. The early AR designs utilized a 1 in 12 twist rate, while not perfect for the lighter .22 LR bullet, provided satisfactory results. The major problem was due to the fouling and lead buildup in the gas tube of AR rifles that caused problems when switching back to center fire ammunition. For this reason, it was recommended to fire a magazine of center-fire ammunition between every 400-500 rounds of .22 LR ammunition. This was done to keep the gas tube clear of lead and debris. However, modern AR rifles have been designed for longer range deployment and the use of heavier bullets, which requires a faster twist rate in order to stabilize the bullets. These twist rates may be as fast as 1 in 7 twist, which dramatically reduces the accuracy when shooting the slower and lighter .22LR. The Chiappa M4-22 has a barrel specifically designed for .22 LR with a twist rate of 1 in 16, which accounts for the accuracy that is obtained, often being equal to or greater than that of the 5.56 counterpart out to 100 yards.

The Chiappa M4-22 will fit most AR lower receivers with Mil-Spec dimensions. Early Colt AR lowers may require the adapter “cam style” assembly pin for proper function.

The Chiappa M4-22 upper assembly was designed to allow a snug fit for the least allowed tolerance of a Mil-Spec assembly pin. Due to this, some pins with the greater side of tolerance may feel too tight for assembly. A plastic or hard rubber implement such as a plastic hammer or wooden dowel may be necessary to assemble and disassemble the Chiappa M4-22 upper assembly for the first few applications. The assembly pins will become easier to use with repeated assemblies.

The number one reason for malfunctions with the Chiappa M4-22 upper assembly is ammunition. Please refer to the recommended ammunition section. The other most common problem is something causing interference or friction with the bolt assembly. This friction will prevent the bolt from firmly seating against the chamber face. This is usually caused by the magazine release interfering with the bolt closure. In some cases it is necessary to remove material from the bottom of the bolt that is apparent by rub marks from the magazine release. It is recommended to have a gunsmith inspect the bolt if you are having repeated failures, or remove the magazine release to prevent any interference.

It is recommended that high quality ammunition be used when shooting the Chiappa M4-22 upper assembly. However, after a proper break-in period, it is not unusual for the Chiappa M4-22 upper assembly to function reasonably well with less expensive bulk-pack ammunition. We test every Chiappa M4-22 upper assembly with CCI Mini-Mag ammunition as well as lower powered Federal “American Eagle” ammunition to insure proper function before leaving the factory. Other ammunition that we have tested with very good results are:CCI .22 Long Rifle Tactical Ammunition, Winchester M-22 Rimfire. These ammunitions have been designed specifically to meet the demands of AR style .22 Rimfire applications.

Yes, the Chiappa M4-22 upper assembly can be broken down and all components should work with a mil-spec aluminum upper. Some gunsmithing and or fitting may be required.

The Chiappa M4-22 upper assembly was based on a modification of the Atchisson .22 conversion. Most any magazines that can be used with the Atchisson .22 conversion will work with your Chiappa M4-22 upper assembly and vice versa.

How can I purchase a Rhino?

The Chiappa Rhino is available in 2", 4", 5" & 6" in black or hard chrome models from numerous firearm distributors.

Contact your dealer and ask for the Rhino which is distributed in the USA by:

Ph: (937) 835-5000

Can I purchase a Rhino online?

Rhino revolvers can be found online at specialty sites such as &

Does the Rhino meet the "Melting Point" restrictions of certain states?

Yes, the Rhino is constructed of high tensile strength Aluminum Alloy & Carbon steel. It meets or exceeds all melting points in states that require a high melting point.

Is the Rhino available for sale in California?

We offer a specific model for California, in single action only.

Why is the Rhino so expensive?

The Rhino is receiver is CNC machined from a solid block of high tensile aluminum. Virtually all of the components are CNC machined as well, this manufacturing process yields a very precise fit with minimal tolerances. This machining process yields the highest quality but unfortunately not at the lowest price.

Where can I find a holster for the Rhino?

All 2" versions of the Rhino revolver include a custom "pancake style" leather holster manufactured specifically for the Rhino by Radar of Italy. In addition to the supplied Radar holster, Chiappa Firearms has numerous holsters available for all models through distribution & on sale direct from the Chiappa online store.

Are different grips available for the Rhino?

We have several grips available in both rubber & wood. There are several sizes and wood models which include Walnut, Olive wood, and laminate designs. These grips are available for all models through distribution & on sale direct from the Chiappa online store.

What is the twist rate of the Rhino barrel?

The rifling of the barrel is 6 grooves with 1 in 18.75" right twist.

Our revolver Rhino in caliber .357 will have an upgrade starting with the current production: the drum can now house the moonclip, and three moonclips will be supplied with the revolver at no extra charge.
The revolver can be used both with moonclips and without, since the grooving which houses the moonclip is machined inside the abutment surface of the cylinder.

Please note that:
- Rhino models in caliber.357Mag up to serial number RH05833 may NOT be used with moonclip
- Rhino models in caliber 9mm and .40 S&W (forthcoming production) can be used ONLY with moonclip

We are confident that shooters will be happy with this change, which brings an added benefit to our Rhino Revolver Revolution!

You can also check out TK Custom website for competition style moonclips:


Where can I buy a Chiappa 1873 SAA-22?

Contact your dealer and ask for the Chiappa 1873 SAA-22 which is distributed in the USA by:

Legacy Sports International (Puma Models)
4750 Longley Lane, Suite 208
Reno, NV 89502
Ph: 775-828-0555
Fax: 775-828-0565

Cimarron Firearms Co. Inc. (Plinkerton Models)
105 Winding Oak Road
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

(830) 997-9090


Chiappa 1873-22s can be found online at specialty sites such as &

Can I convert my Chiappa SAA 22 (Plinkerton & Puma models) to .22 Magnum?

Yes, however the revolver must be sent to an authorized Chiappa service center to insure proper fitting of the magnum cylinder.

How can I tell if my Puma '92 is mfg by Chiappa or Rossi?

Starting January 1, 2009, the Puma model 92s & Bounty Hunter Model 92 Pistols were manufactured by Chiappa Firearms.

All of these rifles, carbines & pistols will be marked manufactured by Chiappa Firearms for "LSI" They will all have a prefix of "T" for their serial numbers.

If your Puma '92 does not have these features, it is probably a model manufactured by Rossi prior to January 1, 2009.

Please note that there was inventory of Rossi manufactured products sold by Legacy Sports after that date. This is very important information for service and warranty repair.

The Chiappa Firearms provides NO warranty repair or service on products manufactured by Rossi.