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1873 SAA 22-10, cal.22LR, 4" 3/4 barrel, 10 rd, Black
Item Number: See technical chart below

Model: SAA1873-22
Type: Revolver
Action : Manual
Percussion system : Rimfire
Feeding system : manual
Barrel : Steel Liner
Trigger system : Single Action
Front sight : Fixed, blade type
Rear sight : Integral notch by standard models; adjustable in elevation and windage by Target models
Material : Frame: special zamak alloy
Finish : Blued or antique frame & barrel; Grips and backstripe avail. in different versions

One of the most accurate reproductions of the 1873 Single Action. While maintaining the true to form classic design, our Single Action revolver is a hybrid of modern technology and manufacturing with the feel of the Old West. This revolver is crafted with a steel rifled barrel, with most of the mechanism and components constructed from a special formulated alloy that offers greater ductility and flexibility assuring long lasting reliability and durability. This great little pistol is available with different barrel lengths and calibers at a price that will fit any shooters budget without sacrificing quality.

Available versions:
Our SAA1873-22 Single Action revolver features a rich range of different versions, including: four different barrel lengths (4¾, 5½, 7½", 12"), three calibers (.22LR,.22Magnum, .17HMR), 6 or 10 shot, Black or Antique finish. All versions with a 7½" or 12" barrel have an adjustable rear sight.

Item CodeCaliberShotsBarrelLengthTotal LengthFinishGripsWeightRear sight
340.215.22LR64.75"10.25"BlackBlack2,2 lbsFixed
CF340.214.22LR+22WMR64.75"10.25"BlackBlack2,2 lbsFixed
340.053.22LR64.75"10.25"BlackWood2,2 lbsFixed
340.089.22LR64.75"10.25"AntiqueBlack2,2 lbsFixed
340.155.22LR104.75"10.25"BlackBlack2,2 lbsFixed
CF340.155D.22LR+22WMR104.75"10.25"BlackBlack2,2 lbsFixed
340.160.22LR105.5"11"BlackBlack2,2 lbsFixed
CF340.160D.22LR+22WMR105.5"11"BlackBlack2,2 lbsFixed
340.170.22LR107.5"13"BlackBlack2,3 lbsAdjustable
CF340.170D.22LR+22WMR107.5"13"BlackBlack2,3 lbsAdjustable
340.241.22LR612"16.9"BlackBlack2,8 lbsAdjustable
CF340.241D.22LR+22WMR612"16.9"BlackBlack2,8 lbsAdjustable
CF340.182.17HMR107.5"13"BlackBlack2,1 lbsAdjustable
340.251 1873 S.A.A. REGULATOR CENTERFIRE.38 SPL64.75"10.25"BlackBlack2,2 lbsFixed