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LITTLE BADGER Single Shot rifle cal. .22LR, STANDARD
Item Number: See chart below

Caliber : 22LR or 22WMR Type: Rimfire rifle
Action : Folding break open
Feeding : Single shot with extractor
Barrel : 19" Carbon steel
Trigger system : Single
Front sight : Fixed
Rear sight : M1 type adjustable in elevation and windage
Safety : Automatic
Finish : Matt black
Stock : Wire with shell holder

Single barrel foldable rifle, extremely light for the most comfortable carry. Pulling the lever, it folds to its barrel length. Accessories included: nylon carry-bag (by 16,5" versions), special cartridge holder. The quad rail picatinny can fit your favourite accessories.
The muzzle has a thread of 1/2"-28TPI by models with caliber .22LR/WMR and 16,5" barrel.

Backpack included by 16.5" barrel versions
Optional accessories: hammer extension; pistol grip+cleaning kit.

Ref.DescriptionCaliberNo. ShotsBarrel LengthTotal LengthWeight
500.092Little Badger.22LR1419 mm813 mm1,33 kg
500.092Little Badger.22LR116"1/232"2.93 lbs
500.110Little Badger.22MAG1419 mm813 mm1,33 kg
500.110Little Badger.22MAG116"1/232"2.93 lbs
500.164Little Badger DELUXE.22LR1419 mm813 mm1,33 kg
500.164Little Badger DELUXE.22LR116"1/232"2.93 lbs
500.165Little Badger DELUXE.22MAG1419 mm813 mm1,33 kg
500.165Little Badger DELUXE.22MAG116"1/232"2.93 lbs
500.133Little Squirrel9 Flobert1470 mm840 mm1,33 kg
500.133Little Squirrel9 Flobert118"1/233"2.93 lbs
500.140Little Badger.22LR1470 mm840 mm1,33 kg
500.140Little Badger.22LR118"1/233"2.93 lbs