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TRIPLE CROWN, Triple barrel shotgun
Item Number: 930-031
12 gauge shotgun, with "Rem-choke" an all three 28" barrels. Capacity: 3x3" Magnum

Caliber : 3"-12ga or 3"-20ga Type: Three barrel shotgun
Action : Break open
Feeding : Manual
Barrel : 12ga 28" - 20ga 26" chrome lined bore with Rem choke thread; chokes MC-5: SK, IC, M, IM, FULL
Trigger system : Single mechanical; firing sequence: right, left, top
Front sight : Fluorescent, fixed
Safety : Top tang button safety
Finish : Matt blue barrel and white receiver; checkered walnut stock: LOA 14,5", DAH 2.125", DAC 1.125"
Weight : 12ga: 8.7 lbs; 20ga: 7.6 lbs
A break-down soft touch hardcase is included.
Ref.DescriptionCaliberNo. ShotsBarrelLengthTotal LengthWeight
930.031Triple Crown.12328"45"8.7 lbs
930.032Triple Threat.12318.5"35.5"8.2 lbs
930.033Triple Crown.20326"43"7.6 lbs
930.034Triple Magnum RealTree.12328"45"8.6 lbs
930.035Triple Magnum.12328"45"8.6 lbs
930.036Triple Tom.12324"41"8.3 lbs
930.057Triple Threat.20318.5"35.5"8.2 lbs