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REVOLVER RHINO 50DS 5" - Black Finish
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The new Chiappa Rhino has revolutionized the revolver with a patented design that tames the prehistoric characteristic that most revolvers possess. The new Chiappa Rhino barrel is aligned with the bottom most chamber which is the key component to Rhino's tame characteristics. The position of the barrel lowers the center of gravity and yields a centerline of the bore more in line with the shooter's arm allowing for the most natural "point ability" while engaging a target. This characteristic also drastically reduces both recoil and muzzle flip which insures subsequent shots to be on target faster than ever before. The reduction of the recoil allows for the use of ultra light alloys to be used in the construction of the Rhino minimizing any adverse effect. The flat sided cylinder design of the Rhino reduces the typical revolver profile allowing greater concealment. With choices from 2" to 6" barrel lengths and sight options, the Rhino is truly a multipurpose handgun capable of reliable defensive duty, scoring ten rings, and taking game. Featuring both double and single action characteristics, the single action is actuated by a hammer cocking device that engages the unexposed hammer to prepare to fire.

Warning: the low position of the barrel requires a specific grip style, please view instructions in the manual section

RHINO revolvers are supplied with the following outfit:
GRIPS: Small rubber grip (item 970.327) by all 2" barrel versions; Wooden medium grip (item 970.319) by all 4", 5" and 6" barrel versions.
FRONT SIGHT: Blade fluo (item 770.515) by all versions
REAR SIGHT: None by 2" models; adjustable in windage and elevation (item 270.056) by all 4" and 5" models; FLUO adjustable in windage and elevation (item 270.059) by all 6" models
MOONCLIPS: three monclips are included with each Rhino, together with a tool for easy removal of shells. Caliber .357 models can be used both with or without moonclips.
2" barrel models include a brown leather holster.
The "Chrome" version is a special finish, in BRUSHED ELECTROLESS NICKEL

Ref.DescriptionAvailab.CaliberBarrelTotal LengthRiflingWeight
340.084RHINO 20D BlackALL357Mag2"-5 cm6"1/2-16,4 cm6-1x19"0,7 kg-1,5 lbs
340.055RHINO 20DS BlackALL357Mag2"-5 cm6"1/2-16,4 cm6-1x19"0,7 kg-1,5 lbs
340.056RHINO 20DS ChromeALL357Mag2"-5 cm6"1/2-16,4 cm6-1x19"0,7 kg-1,5 lbs
340.071RHINO 40DS BlackALL357Mag4"-10 cm8"1/2-21,5 cm6-1x19"0,85 kg-1,87 lbs
340.075RHINO 40DS ChromeALL357Mag4"-10 cm8"1/2-21,5 cm6-1x19"0,85 kg-1,87 lbs
340.072RHINO 50DS BlackALL357Mag5"-12,7 cm9"1/2-24 cm6-1x19"0,9 kg-1,97 lbs
340.076RHINO 50DS ChromeALL357Mag5"-12,7 cm9"1/2-24 cm6-1x19"0,9 kg-1,97 lbs
340.073RHINO 60DS BlackALL357Mag6"-15,2 cm10"1/2-26,6 cm6-1x19"0,94 kg-2,06 lbs
340.077RHINO 60DS ChromeALL357Mag6"-15,2 cm10"1/2-26,6 cm6-1x19"0,94 kg-2,06 lbs
340.140RHINO 60 DS GOLDUSA ONLY40S&W6"-15,2 cm10"1/2-26,6 cm6-1x16"0,94 kg-2,06 lbs
CF340.123RHINO 200D BlackUSA ONLY40S&W2"-5 cm6"1/2-16,4 cm6-1x16"0,7 kg-1,5 lbs
340.110RHINO 20DS BlackALL40S&W2"-5 cm6"1/2-16,4 cm6-1x16"0,7 kg-1,5 lbs
340.131RHINO 20DS ChromeALL40S&W2"-5 cm6"1/2-16,4 cm6-1x16"0,7 kg-1,5 lbs
340.108RHINO 40DS BlackALL40S&W4"-10 cm8"1/2-21,5 cm6-1x16"0,85 kg-1,87 lbs
340.118RHINO 40DS ChromeALL40S&W4"-10 cm8"1/2-21,5 cm6-1x16"0,85 kg-1,87 lbs
340.109RHINO 50DS BlackALL40S&W5"-12,7 cm9"1/2-24 cm6-1x16"0,9 kg-1,97 lbs
340.119RHINO 50DS ChromeALL40S&W5"-12,7 cm9"1/2-24 cm6-1x16"0,9 kg-1,97 lbs
340.120RHINO 60DS BlackALL40S&W6"-15,2 cm10"1/2-26,6 cm6-1x16"0,94 kg-2,06 lbs
340.121RHINO 60DS ChromeALL40S&W6"-15,2 cm10"1/2-26,6 cm6-1x16"0,94 kg-2,06 lbs
340.181RHINO 20DS BLACKALL9x192"-5 cm6"1/2-16,4 cm6-1x19"0,7 kg-1,5 lbs
340.165RHINO 40DS BLACKALL9x194"-10 cm8"1/2-21,5 cm6-1x19"0,85 kg-1,87 lbs
340.166RHINO 50DS BLACKALL9x195"-12,7 cm9"1/2-24 cm6-1x19"0,9 kg-1,97 lbs
340.167RHINO 60DS BLACKALL9x196"-15,2 cm10"1/2-26,6 cm6-1x19"0,94 kg-2,06 lbs
340.138RHINO 20DS BlackALL9x212"-5 cm6"1/2-16,4 cm6-1x19"0,7 kg-1,5 lbs
340.132RHINO 20DS ChromeALL9x212"-5 cm6"1/2-16,4 cm6-1x19"0,7 kg-1,5 lbs
340.133RHINO 40DS BlackALL9x214"-10 cm8"1/2-21,5 cm6-1x19"0,85 kg-1,87 lbs
340.134RHINO 40DS ChromeALL9x214"-10 cm8"1/2-21,5 cm6-1x19"0,85 kg-1,87 lbs
340.111RHINO 50DS BlackALL9x215"-12,7 cm9"1/2-24 cm6-1x19"0,9 kg-1,97 lbs
340.135RHINO 50DS ChromeALL9x215"-12,7 cm9"1/2-24 cm6-1x19"0,9 kg-1,97 lbs
340.136RHINO 60DS BlackALL9x216"-15,2 cm10"1/2-26,6 cm6-1x19"0,94 kg-2,06 lbs
340.137RHINO 60DS ChromeALL9x216"-15,2 cm10"1/2-26,6 cm6-1x19"0,94 kg-2,06 lbs
CF340.125RHINO 200DS COMBO-2 cylindersUSA ONLY357Mag/9mm2"-5 cm6"1/2-16,4 cm0,7 kg-1,5 lbs
CF340.126RHINO 200D COMBO-2 cylindersUSA ONLY357Mag/9mm2"-5 cm6"1/2-16,4 cm0,7 kg-1,5 lbs
CF340.127RHINO 400DS COMBO-2 cylindersUSA ONLY357Mag/9mm4"-10 cm8"1/2-21,5 cm0,85 kg-1,87 lbs
340.187RHINO POLYLITE 20DSALL38SP2"-5 cm6"1/2-16,4 cm6-1x19"0,6 kg-1,3 lbs