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OVERTOP Folding Hunting Rifle
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Folding barrel single shot rifle, completely machined from solid high quality steel, extremely safe, the hammer will not be cocked automatically when closing the gun but pushing the specific button on the tang; when cocked, it can be easily un-cocked pushing the button that will come backwards putting the gun in safety. Monobloc barrel, disassembling with a simple pin, button quality rifling, Williams fiber optic sights, prepared for optic mounts Hammer cock with lever/button on tang. Adjustable trigger. Two safeties, one automatic. Pistol grip stock with quality wood to metal fit, rubber buttplate.
Ref.DescriptionCaliberNo. ShotsBarrel LengthTotal LengthWeight Lbs.
500-008OVERTOP.223 Rem123,542"6,3
500-009OVERTOP.222 Rem123,542"6,3
500-010OVERTOP.243 Win123,542"6,3
500-011OVERTOP.22 Hornet123,542"6,3
500-012OVERTOP5,6 x 50123,542"6,3
500-013OVERTOP6,5 x 57123,542"6,3