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M4-22 UPPER - Conversion Kit
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Don’t let the ever increasing cost of ammunition prevent you from enjoying your favorite AR-15 / M-16. Chiappa Firearms .22 conversion allows you the opportunity to shoot inexpensive 22 rimfire ammunition for training or just for fun! The M4-22 Rimfire Conversion contains all the parts necessary to change your AR-15 / M-16 from it’s existing caliber to the inexpensive .22LR rimfire cartridge.The conversion takes less than a minute and is achieved with no permanent alterations to your firearm. It can be quickly returned to it’s original caliber.

The M4-22 Conversion allows semi-auto .22LR fire in ANY milspec AR firearm platform. This is a complete upper with a barrel designed specifically for .22 LR ammunition, don’t risk damaging your centerfire 5.56 barrel with lead bullets or settle for poor performance due to a fast twist rate. Available with 28* or 10 round capacity magazines. The design allows for the use of any Atchinson style conversion magazines to be used.

buy now *Check local & State laws for allowed magazine capacity
Ref.DescriptionCaliberNo. ShotsBarrel lengthTotal LengthRiflingWeight
CF500.058M4 Upper Kit.22LR1016"23.6"6 - 1x163.7 lbs
CF500.059M4 Upper Kit.22LR2816"23.6"6 - 1x163.7 lbs
CF500.093M4 Upper Kit PRO short 7.8".22LR2816"23,7"6 - 1x164 lbs
CF500.094M4 Upper Kit PRO short 7.8".22LR1016"23,7"6 - 1x164 lbs
CF500.095M4 Upper Kit PRO long 11.8".22LR2816"23,7"6 - 1x164 lbs
CF500.096M4 Upper Kit PRO long 11.8".22LR1016"23,7"6 - 1x164 lbs