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SPENCER 1860 Carbine
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The 1860 Spencer Carbine has been manufactured by Armi Sport recreating faithfully every part in detail, all the components are made from a solid piece of steel and NC machined, in this way all parts are fully interchangeable with original parts. The original caliber was 56/50 Spencer rimfire, where unlike usual cartridge designation the first number referred to the diameter of the case and head, while the second number referred to the diameter at the mouth. Chiappa Firearms has introduced different calibers for use with ammunition which are more commonly available today, while maintaining faithful to the original design and appearance.
Ref.DescriptionCaliberNo. ShotsBarrel LengthTotal LengthWeight Lbs.
920-021SPENCER CARBINE56/50Spencer8+120"37"9
920-084SPENCER CARBINE.45LC7+120"37"9