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1892 Lever Action TRAPPER, 16" Rifle
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Chiappa Firearms has developed a full range of 1892 models: rifle and carbine with four different barrel lengths (12, 16, 20 and 24 IN), 6 different calibers, Take Down version - for the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting, hunting and collecting. The most attention has been put on the internal parts, CNC machined from solid steel, all interchangeable with each other, screw thread in inches, all parts highly polished and hardened to allow the smoothest action. All Model 1892s are available with fine hand engravings accented with gold inletting, or in the hard chrome finish that looks great as it resists the rigors of wear and harsh elements. The TRAPPER version with a 16 IN barrel has a number of 7 plus 1 rounds.
Ref.DescriptionCaliberNo. ShotsBarrel LengthTotal LengthNo. Of GroovesRate of TwistWeight Lbs.
920-1301892 Lever Action TRAPPER.45LC7+116"34"61x165,7
920-1621892 Lever Action TRAPPER.357MAG7+116"34"61x195,7
920-2061892 Lever Action TRAPPER.44WRM7+116"34"61x205,7