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1892 Lever Action "PISTOL", 12" Carbine
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Wanted - Dead or Alive, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., The Magnificent Seven television series, Boss, what do they have in common? The Mares Leg*, made famous by the bounty hunter Josh Randall, the original gun was a modified 1892 rifle or carbine cut down to pistol size (12 IN barrel length). USA REGULATION: In the past the only way to own one of these novelties was to comply with the ATF regulations for a short barrel rifle (SBR) Chiappa Firearms is proud to offer a "Pistol" version of this famous firearm that requires no additional requirements other than normal handgun ownership. It may be considered a rifle in some countries, according to local law. *Mares Leg is a registered trademark by J.B. Custom
Ref.DescriptionCaliberNo. ShotsBarrel lengthTotal LengthRiflingWeight
920-1851892 Lever Action PISTOL.45LC6+112"23"6 - 1x162,7 kg
920-2921892 Lever Action PISTOL.44/40W6+112"23"6 - 1x362,7 kg