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KENTUCKY pistol 10" flintlock cal.45
Item Number: 940-003
A perfect companion piece to the Kentucky rifle, the Kentucky pistol evolved around the late 1760's. The pistol followed the style and mechanical characteristics of its counterpart, the Kentucky rifle. Approximately one pistol was produced to every 250 rifles. It was a popular sidearm carried by Frontiersmen and American Army Officers during the Revolutionary War. The percussion lock was developed during the 1840's, this design remained unchanged from the flintlock pistol, except for its improved ignition system. This piece is available in .45 caliber. Bird's head grip stock with brass ramrod thimbles and color case hardened lock. The Kentucky pistol has a brass blade front sight and a steel open rear sight.
Ref.DescriptionCaliberBarrel lengthTotal LengthLockTriggerRiflingWeight
940-003KENTUCKY Pistola.4510"15"3/4FlintlockSingle8 - 1x21"1000 gr